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Plancius Food & Drinks


Welcome to our restaurant! We are in the middle of the beautiful Amsterdam Plantage neighborhood right across from the Amsterdam Zoo. Together with the Dutch Resistance museum we are located in the historically impressive ‘Plancius’ building. With our remodeling we have aimed to catch the historic unique charm of the building and combine it with the unique atmosphere of this special neighborhood.


We have a large lunch menu, which besides warm and cold sandwiches dedicates an entire page just to pancakes. Furthermore the dinner menu presents a large variety of dishes from different cousins and is everyday enhanced with lovely day specials from the chef. Also for the children we have thought of something special! They receive their own little menu and some colorings or games if desired. This way going out to dinner can also be a fun experience for them!


Our aim is to offer a place that can be enjoyed by everyone! A place that can guarantee a good atmosphere and can be trusted for continues good food! 


Look around our website for all the further possibilities that we offer and if you come across any further questions always feel free to contact us!!

We look forward to your visit!!

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